May 4, 2018

Car accident legal attorney Los Angeles

Harmed In A Car Accident? We Can Help!

In Los Angeles, driving, and sadly, vehicle wounds are a method for presence. In the case of getting to and from depictions or taking a picturesque course, drivers are foreseen to exercise care to abstain from harming others. This begins with obeying site guests lawful rules, utilizing sufficiently and focusing on street conditions. Careless driving frequently prompts car wounds that can achieve extreme damage or kicking the bucket. It is crucial to secure lawful offense outline in the event that you are hurt in a car crash.

The direction organization of J&Y battles for vehicle occurrence casualties in Los Angeles and over the span of California. On the off chance that you were harmed in a vehicle incident because of another's carelessness, our talented car crash lawful experts will give you a chance to obtain the remuneration you merit. With more than 50 years of blended delight in and several thousands recouped for customers, you may consider the lawyers of J&Y.

Late Car Accident Settlements

The Los Angeles-based absolutely non-open harm lawful experts of J&Y have a records of having good settlements for their customers. The following are most recent cases of settlements acquired via car crash sufferers spoke to by means of J&Y.


$one million.00

Regular Causes Of Los Angeles Car Crashes

Car collisions much of the time happen due to shocking driver choices and mechanical issues. In numerous occasions, those mishaps are completely avoidable. A portion of the principle reasons of car collisions in California comprise of:

Diverted riding


Despicable turning

Driving underneath the impact

Forceful driving

Mechanical imperfections

Poor car security


Foolhardy driving

Would it be advisable for me to Settle With An Insurance Company After An Auto Accident?

By never again conversing with a car crash legal counselor, numerous bit of destiny casualties miss out on potential harms. Insurance agencies regularly take advantage of harmed sufferers by means of offering a snappy understanding for as meager cash as could reasonably be expected. Our lawyers will ensure you secure your rights and are taken care of lovely.

It will require the investment to choose the volume of your wounds following a spot of destiny. You can even need to decide lost wages and medicinal costs. It is in no way, shape or form to your best leisure activity to fit in with a concurrence with an insurance agency on the double after a mishap. You have to speak with experienced car crash legal advisors as fast as conceivable while in transit to acquire greatest reimbursement.

Car Accident Injury Claims With J&Y Law Firm

The Los Angeles based direction organization of J&Y battles for the privileges of car collision casualties. By totally information your fortuitous event case, we will furnish you with cutting edge jail outline. Our own harm lawyers will set up legitimate obligation through keeping evidence and meeting witnesses. We will aggregate clinical certainties and help you pleasantly archive your wounds all together that any honor covers all future clinical and money related wishes.

We will find out how bounty money you are legitimately qualified for and genuinely talk the amount of your wounds to the protection association. On the off chance that the safety net provider is still now not slanted to give you the aggregate cost of your pronounce, we can seek after the issue in court docket.

We mechanically deal with a wide range of car crashes realizing this could be a troublesome appreciate. We will enable you to explore the system and give a clarification to your rights underneath the law. While numerous vehicle mischances are coming about because of careless utilizing, wounds can likewise be because of a disease in a car. In these cases, we can seek after an item lawful duty body of evidence against the maker or supplier. Ultimately, we can endeavor to guarantee that you acquire the correct restorative care as you recuperate from your mischances.

Contact J&Y If You Were Injured In A Car Accident

The law office of J&Y Law Firm empowers car bit of destiny casualties in Los Angeles and all through California show signs of improvement harms for his or her agony and enduring, resources hurt, and passionate wretchedness. In the event that you or a valued one has been harmed in a car crash, round out a contact shape or name our working environment nowadays for a loosened evaluation of your case at 877-718-5027.

On the off chance that you have been harmed, it is essential you address a lawyer to ensure you get the harms which you are qualified for. The damage lawful experts of J&Y have encounter battling scope associations and are composed to depictions to verify you get the quality jail notoriety reasonable.

May 3, 2018

Asbestos Exposure Lawyers

The Barnes Firm Helping Victims of Asbestos
Our lawyers apprehend how hard it can be dwelling with a ailment because of asbestos exposure. That’s why we've got a group of experienced asbestos legal professionals dedicated to helping victims and their households. We now not best recognize asbestos and the diseases it could purpose, consisting of mesothelioma; but we even have a music report of having our clients effects via litigation.

What is Asbestos?
A natural microscopic fiber, asbestos became usually used in fireproofing substances and insulation till the overdue 1970’s.

Those who worked with asbestos, or used products that contained asbestos were liable to inhaling the fibers unknowingly. Once asbestos fibers are in the lungs, they are able to continue to be there for all time. Over years or even decades, these inhaled fibers can motive existence threatening and deadly sicknesses like asbestosis, lung most cancers and mesothelioma.

If you or a loved one has has been identified with mesothelioma or other sort of lung most cancers, our crew can assist. Contact us for a free case assessment.

The Barnes Firm 1-(800) 800-0000

Mesothelioma is the most not unusual shape of cancer often as a result of asbestos publicity. These most cancers cells expand within the lungs and inside the protecting lining that covers maximum of the internal organs.

More on Mesothelioma…

Asbestosis takes place whilst asbestos fibers are inhaled, and grow to be trapped inside the inner layers of someone’s lungs. This isn't always a kind of most cancers, and it's far handled in a different way than mesothelioma.

More on Asbestosis…

Lung Cancer
Although asbestosis is not a most cancers, the equal inflammatory system can result in most cancers improvement in the lungs.

More on Lung Cancer Caused by using Asbestos Exposure…

What is FELA?
Some employees who have been uncovered to asbestos may additionally have extra rights and advantages outlined with the aid of the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). This act become exceeded with the aid of Congress in 19-8 to protect railroad employees and provide them with reimbursement if they may be injured on the process. Unfortunately, many railroad people have been additionally uncovered to asbestos. If you or a loved one labored for a railroad agency and have recently been recognized with mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis, please touch one in all our skilled mesothelioma lawyers these days for a FREE consultation, as you will be entitled to blessings covered with the aid of FELA.

More on FELA…

Second Hand Exposure
Some mesothelioma patients have by no means worked with asbestos, but they have been nonetheless identified with an asbestos-associated ailment. This typically takes place because the end result of indirect exposure to asbestos fibers. Asbestos fibers can also grow to be trapped in a worker’s apparel, and when workers again domestic to their households, those fibers could migrate. Similarly, it can take a long time for those circle of relatives individuals to revel in signs of mesothelioma or lung cancers as a result of asbestos publicity.

The Zadroga Act
The Zadroga Bill & The World Trade Center Rescue/Recovery Workers Victim Compensation Fund

In December 2010, Congress surpassed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.  This act provides health care, scientific monitoring and economic compensation to employees who helped with the clean-up after the assaults at the World Trade Center in New York City.

May 2, 2018

5 ways cheats take credit card data

Hoodlums require most straightforward a moment, once in a while one moment, to steal your credit score card information.

"Back inside the beginning, they were given the engraving of credit playing cards from the duplicates they uncovered from underneath the junk," says William Noonan, a U.S. Mystery Service specialist beforehand responsible for the organization's digital activities branch. "Innovation has changed issues."

The huge measurements break at Equifax ahead of time this yr, and the 2016 rupture of experience-hailing bearer Uber, which did not become exposed until November 2017, are present cases of how offenders have hacked, phished and skimmed their way into records structures, bargaining the credit card records of a large number of customers.

Be that as it may, not all credit card plans are confounded; numerous are less muddled than you'd consider. Here are the most extreme ordinary methodologies hoodlums steal your credit score card data.

Observing your credit petition for suspicious action is a heavenly dependancy. Get your credit record for nothing at myBankrate.Com.

1. Plan: The eatery trick

How it truly functions: A server whisks away your credit card and swipes it through the eatery's credit score card terminal, which is outside of anyone's ability to see. She at that point hauls out a skimmer, an apparatus about the measure of an ice 3D square, and swipes your card through it.

While you had been scratching the staying of the chocolate icing off your plate, your credit score card measurements moved toward becoming being stolen. The server restores your card with a smile. She plays that same enchantment trap on many credit cards in consistently.

The server may moonlight as a barkeep or a retail salary representative — any district where she will remove your credit score card from locate.

2. Plan: Duped and diverted

How it truly functions: Sally, Simon and Bud walk directly into a toy shop. Sally and Simon wander the passageways, in the meantime as Bud holds up in line to look at. At the point when Bud is at the enlist, Simon comes running up to the assistant, shouting that his mate has blacked out. As Sally and Simon divert the business assistant, Bud switches the credit card peruser on the join with an altered unquestionably one of his own one of a kind. The business assistant accidentally gathers credit card data at the adjusted peruser. Afterward, the trio returns, reclaims the changed peruser and reestablishes the first card peruser.

This trio likely will hit diverse retailers and eating places. Once in a while, criminals work in sets or without anyone else.

3. Plan: The gas girl

How it truly functions: The fuel girl stops her car at a fuel station off the interstate. It's past due and there's no individual around aside from a drowsy orderly on the join inside. The gas young lady appends a skimmer over the credit score card peruser at the pump. It's a skimmer that produces a Bluetooth flag to a PC adjacent, says Noonan of the Secret Service. The gas young lady will pay, at that point heads to a place close-by where she would installation be able to her PC to recover the data from the traded off pump.

The gas girl introduces skimmers over ATMs, stopping meters, candy machines — any region with unmanned credit score card perusers.

Four. Plan: The malware experts

How it truly functions: Harry introduces malware, a sort of programming program that harms or invades a PC or group, onto a true blue site with low security. The malware right away downloads onto your pc when you go to the site and enables Harry to get to your records.

In each other situation, Harry places malware on open PCs and accumulates the insights you extent with the ones PCs, says Mike Urban, FICO's previous senior chief of misrepresentation item control.

Harry furthermore penetrates the PC structures of banks, outlets and diverse gatherings, and takes private record records, Noonan says.

Phil utilizes malware to pursue your pc or pill. He sends messages with connections that guarantee moving little cats or some other goad. At the point when the customer opens the connection, malware immediately downloads onto the pc and leaves private records vulnerable. Phil moreover sends messages from a "recognizable" sender with a connection to a tainted site that introduces malware onto your PC. Some malware, known as adware, enables Phil to grab every keystroke, which incorporates passwords for your budgetary cash owed.

5. Plan: Data at a markdown

How it functions: When credit score card records at last winds up in law breaker fingers, it gets purchased. The skimming server, the diversion trio and the fuel young lady advance your credit card records for as meager as $10 to $20, as per Dell SecureWorks.

The individual who purchases the measurements checks it and after that pitches it to a man who makes deceitful credit score playing cards alongside your record insights appended to it. The card producer at that point pitches it to various hoodlums who buy merchandise comprehensive of stereos or little child equation and elevate them to typical clients.

What you can do

Set up cell keeping money markers on your phone. That way, you could be told of exceptional credit card enthusiasm at the earliest opportunity.

Routinely screen your obligations on line, with the goal that you can wind up mindful of fake exchanges speedier.

Maintain a strategic distance from open PCs. Try not to go perusing to your email on the off chance that your money related establishment compares with you there. Urban proposes putting in an email account just for your funds and checking it from safe spots.

Abstain from doing business venture with weird online suppliers, Noonan says. Stick to mounted traders and sites.

In the event that your measurements has been traded off, advise your money related foundations and adjacent direction authorization. Ask the significant credit score authorities — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — to establishment a misrepresentation alarm for your credit audits.

May 1, 2018

Offering Structured Settlement Annuity Payments

What Is the Secondary Annuity Market?

In the course of recent decades, structured settlements have developed in prominence as a standout amongst the most green and fair approaches to remunerate individual harm sufferers for throb and battling. To empower their utilization, Congress surpassed the Federal Periodic Payment Settlement Act in 1982, which exempts subordinate assention deals from all salary charges, notwithstanding when a based understanding annuity procures intrigue.

As structured settlements have turned out to be more noteworthy severa, an optional annuity showcase emerged to serve people that need to change protracted day and age installments into money.

Structured understanding purchasers, moreover called figuring organizations, as a matter of first importance worked in an unregulated environment, at times taking addition of clueless and excited merchants. In a couple of occurrences, calculating associations purchased finish profit streams at a precarious cut value, leaving the merchants fiscally inclined while the money from the single amount deal ran out.

In response to those inconveniences, country governing bodies toiled with exchange organizations comprising of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and the National Association of Settlement Purchasers to proclaim laws to watch payees and offer clear and steady measures for exchanging structured settlement installments in the optional commercial center.

Today, government and kingdom lawful rules have usefully pushed most extreme of the untrustworthy players from this now flourishing and pleasantly managed industry.

Instructions to Sell a Structured Settlement: Key Considerations

On the off chance that you are pondering advancing your built up understanding installments, we recommend you enroll the help of a relied upon lawful expert or financial counsel with involvement inside the structured assention auxiliary commercial center. Most basic, you ought to are searching for out a considering association with a dependable and sound history of protecting the long day and age hobbies of its customers.

Work with a trustworthy calculating manager.

You might have the capacity to offer some of your bills, a segment of each installment, or your entire structured assention. Some survivor endowments additionally are qualified available to be purchased, inasmuch as there is a term beyond any doubt or ensured number of bills composed into the settlement.

Deciding if you qualify will rely on the requirements of your understanding notwithstanding the lawful rules for your states. The government Structured Settlement Protection Act of 2002 blueprints strict principles for offering installments, rules expected to secure the privileges of understanding inquirers, and there are additionally state-particular legitimate rules that avert advancing beyond any doubt bills.

The legitimate rules around offering installments for workers' repayment cases are especially entangled.

Regardless of whether a state allows the switch of individuals' reimbursement profit, arrangements in government laws can likewise constrain it, contingent upon the idea of the settlement. The specialists' repayment sheets in character states usually thing to wage of built up settlements, and judges regularly govern of their support.

In the event that the control does now not deny you from offering your set up settlement charges, you will in any case require a judge's endorsement to proceed with the exchange. The choose ought to regard offering installments is to your charming pastime and you may in any case have the capacity to manage the cost of essential medicinal treatment inside the fate. This entire procedure takes somewhere between forty five and 60 days to complete in court docket, that is the reason you can likewise need to choose a calculating business that offers loans.

The judge may moreover remember diverse components when tuning in to your case as pleasantly, comprising of:

Everyday costs, comprising of a home loan

Family turning points, including venture a school instruction for kids

Your reality anticipation

On the off chance that you have profit from some other source other than your structured settlement, your case is significantly more liable to be approved. On the off chance that you have an inadequacy people' remuneration case, you are required to have an extra wellspring of wage to be qualified to offer the insufficiency benefits installments.

All directions separated, it's vital that you circumspectly bear in mind every one of the ramifications of advancing your bills. Think roughly any future financial wishes you may have and the way the deal ought to affect your duties and qualification for Social Security, government medicinal help and different gifts.

Offering Structured Settlements on Behalf of Minors

The most extreme circumspectly protected set up settlements are those offered to minors. In the event that a youngster beneficiary's events trade significantly before they achieve the period of lion's share, it is workable for a recognize or lawful offense mum or father to elevate the privilege to future installments, however the weight of confirmation is high.

Guardians or gatekeepers should show definitively to the court that there is an immediate need for a money buyout and the tyke's needs may be served more noteworthy by advancing the understanding than by utilizing prepared on fate bills.

Fruitful occasions are uncommon.

Some calculating associations don't attempt to search for bills held for minors. Different organizations have achieved it from time to time, and still, after all that the technique dragged out for a considerable length of time, baffling all concerned.

Notwithstanding, once minors flip 18 and they're thought about grown-ups, they can choose to offer future bills — a few or they all — to a figuring organization for a singular amount charge much like some other grown-up with a needy understanding.

Dec 3, 2017

5 Simple Ways to Improve Cash Flow in Your Business

As a startup or even home-based business owner, it can be hard to establish a name for yourself. One of the early challenges is that you are initially relatively unknown to the market, with an accompanying challenge typically being that you don’t have enough resources and network connections to build the profile you need.

This is the reason why many startups often don’t blossom into a sustainable business. Aside from the early lack of financial resources, there is the harsh reality of ensuring that you have found a way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Cash flow strain is another one of the most common difficulties for many small business owners. However here are a few simple tips that can help to increase cash flow for your small business .....

1.   Accept different modes of payment.

Making the customer’s purchasing experience as hassle-free and efficient as possible will enable better cash flow. This includes sending out your invoices immediately and also accepting various modes of payment (whether through credit, PayPal or cash on delivery). This gives the customer more options to settle and they can choose which is the most convenient for them - making transactions with you easier and faster.

2.   Implement “pay on time” incentives.

One way to motivate your customers to pay right on time is to implement incentives whenever they do. This can be through small discounts or rebates whenever they pay on time (ie. before or on due date). Additionally, you might consider implementing penalties for customers who pay late.

3.   Affordable marketing .

Obviously improving sales will improve your cash flow. This can be achieved either by selling more to your existing customers - or by increasing your customer base. Winning more customers means thinking about how you market your business and how you will stand out from your competition, so as to be "front of mind" for your customers.

However, haphazard marketing and promotions can easily drain your business capital and expenses - but by using affordable and targeted strategies, you can maximize your sales return. 

One way is through content marketing, where you aim to inform and educate customers about your industry and establish yourself as an authority in that niche. This type of marketing is more affordable and it can give you high returns when it is done right. An increasing number of businesses are using social media marketing to communicate and engage with their customers more effectively.

4.   Keep track of your expenses.

If you have a hard time maintaining records of your cash flow and expenses, it is usually best to hire an accountant or book-keeper to take responsibility for that. Getting the right accounting program or app for tracking and reporting your finances will make your life easier – and make tax time less stressful.

It is important not just to accurately record your cash inflow and outflow – but also to monitor this regularly. This helps you measure your actual return on investment - and to determine whether your operating expenses and promotional tactics are in any way worth it.

It is also important to be able to separate your personal expenses from actual business expenses (which is usually mixed up when you run a small business).

5.   Cut costs - wisely.

You can improve cash flow by reducing operating expenses in your business. However be careful that in a frantic zeal to cut costs, you don’t strip away what could be important drivers of your business. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to spend money to make money…….. For example, you can cut costs by no longer doing any advertising, sponsorship or promotions – but it’s likely your enquiries and leads will eventually start drying up……. So, it’s all about the wise pruning of expenses. 

Maybe you can look at negotiating better deals with your suppliers. See if you can get a better rate for example from your power company - otherwise consider changing suppliers. Even a home-based business can have significant power bills. 

Another idea to consider is getting shared office space at a lower cost – instead of leasing your own private office or premises. A novel idea is whether you might allow staff to sometimes work from home on certain days, which would help save on phone and power bills.

In closing, let me say that being a startup entrepreneur is not easy, especially if you lack experience in things like accounting, marketing or doing sales projections. But with the right preparation, a positive mindset and a desire to continue to learn and improve, then these challenges can be overcome.

Guest Author
Gemma Reeves is a seasoned writer who enjoys creating helpful articles and interesting stories. She is an entrepreneur who aims to assist other aspiring entrepreneurs in finding the best office space for their business.  You can check out her company here: -FindMyWorkspace

Oct 9, 2017

Small Business Ideas - for the aspiring entrepreneur

The search for a business idea

small business ideas for starting a business
Looking for inspiration to find the right business?
So maybe you're sick of working the traditional nine-to-five, or sick of working for somebody else, or perhaps you're tired of spending so much of your time commuting to and from work - and you're thinking about starting your own business? Maybe even a home-based business? ...... But the big question you might be struggling with is this one - what sort of business should you start?

Tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world right now are thinking the same thing - not just here in Australia, but also in India, the U.K, Europe and the U.S  ...... Although less than half will end up actually doing something about it.  But time invested in thinking and careful planning should always come before doing anyhow ..... So exploring different ideas for your potential business can be an important early step in the process. As long as you also recognise when the time for bold action has arrived.

Let's just take a few moments and think about where different small business owners have commenced their journey from - and see if that might provide you with any potential inspiration or insight.
"... the nature of business is to solve a problem and somehow make life easier for a consumer"
There are some entrepreneurs who already have a clear vision for the service or product they intend to bring to market - they have recognised that a gap exists in the market-place and that there is a problem waiting to be solved. These entrepreneurs simply have to plan how best to commercialise their "solution" and launch as a business. 
".... from employee to becoming your own boss"
There are other entrepreneurs whose background is such that they have possessed specialist or technical skills - as an accountant, hairdresser, carpenter, plumber or mechanic - but have been working as an employee for someone else. Then one day they found themselves awakening to the idea that maybe they could be their own boss and offer their expertise direct to consumers. 

Mind you, there are still a lot of business skills which have to be acquired. Just because you're a great plumber, doesn't mean you will be successful in running your own plumbing business. There's a lot to learn about marketing, book-keeping and finances for example.

But what if you're a plumber who's sick and tired of  that line of work - and maybe wanting to start up a business in a completely new space. Then you will be searching for a business idea. 
"Sometimes it's wiser to test the idea as a "side-line" before quitting your day job"
Before we look at business ideas - two quick tips. Firstly, before going down the path of going full-time with your business idea, see if you can do it part-time "on the side". In other words, you will keep your "day-job" and experiment with the idea to help evaluate whether there is sufficient demand for the product or service. 

"Testing the water" before jumping in can be a wise risk management strategy. This is something that I certainly did many years ago, before establishing my own management training business, Performance Development. 

A second quick tip is to consider what you are naturally interested in and passionate about. Maybe you love playing golf - AND you're also good at it. You've played it for 20 years. Maybe you think about promoting private golfing lessons at a small club that doesn't have their own "pro". Or maybe you promote a service of being a paid golfing partner, who also provides some in-game coaching as you go around with your partner on the greens. Just imagine if you could find a way to turn your hobby into a small stream of income!

40 business ideas that require minimal start-up capital

A home based business has less running costs 
Here's a range of different ideas for a possible business. Various categories and industries are represented - for example products or services relating to Health and wellness, Food and snacks, various Home and garden services. 

However, do keep in mind whether the idea is viable depends upon your ability to differentiate yourself from existing competition in that market .... Some ideas might require additional training or have certification requirements. However they all are relatively easy in terms of having the benefit of requiring minimal up-front start-up capital. And many of them can be home-based business ideas - avoiding the cost of leasing a premise. 

But at this point, the key is to open up your thinking to consider new possibilities ... 
  1. Website development or graphic design
  2. Car detailing
  3. House cleaning
  4. Garden maintenance or landscaping
  5. Home maintenance, handyman or house repairs
  6. Window cleaning
  7. Cafe, restaurant, coffee shop or catering business
  8. Teaching or tutoring in a field of your expertise (eg. music, language ....)
  9. House sitting
  10. Pet minding
  11. Dog walking or dog training
  12. Pet grooming
  13. Interior design / decorating or painting
  14. Special event planning (weddings, anniversaries, holidays ...)
  15. Life coaching
  16. Personal fitness training
  17. Photographer
  18. Gift basket service
  19. On-line art & craft supplies
  20. Furniture removal or small transport service
  21. Air-bnb host - or bed-and-breakfast
  22. Travel guide
  23. Freelance copywriter or editor
  24. Dress maker or clothing alterations
  25. Florist
  26. Gutter cleaning
  27. Rubbish removal
  28. Home stager
  29. Massage therapist
  30. Resume writer
  31. Soap or candle making
  32. Baking 
  33. Cake decorating
  34. Translation service provider
  35. Video producer
  36. Virtual assistant
  37. Social media consultancy
  38. Technology services such as app development 
  39. Writing e-books
  40. Online retail or eBay store - selling anything from hand-made birthday cards, niche cosmetics, skin care or hair care products, smart-phone accessories. This easily lends itself to starting up initially as a home based business, simply requiring a room set aside for storage of products and packaging.
In closing, once you find an idea that has appeal for you - then the real work begins. Undertaking a more detailed stage of market-research that involves assessing consumer demand,  identifying existing competition and whether you would be able to differentiate yourself in terms of price, service or ease of accessibility (eg. maybe promoting yourself as the "local" supplier").  

If this research suggests the idea seems feasible, then the next step is preparing a business plan. It's all an exciting journey - and I wish you well.

P.S  Could buying a franchise be another option for you?
Another option you might consider is whether a franchise opportunity could be right for you. Training, systems, marketing, business support and association with a known brand can be some of the advantages. Although care should always be taken with this, because of the limitations and obligations that some franchise contracts can place upon a franchisee - an article that could be of interest to you is in Kochie's Business Builders blog - Top Ten Australian Franchises

Relevant articles

Sep 28, 2017

A digital marketing specialist shares some tips for driving growth in small business

Digital marketing is driving growth in this business
This article offers an inspiring insight into how a small business can achieve substantial growth through tapping into the power of digital marketing.

IntoBlinds was founded in Melbourne as a family owned business in 2009, with 5 employees. It has developed into what is now one of the leading suppliers of all ranges of blinds, curtains and shutters – employing over 60 staff. 

Although two showrooms help to generate some enquiries and sales for the business, the lions-share of leads and enquiries are produced through the company’s website and online presence. It is a careful combination and integration of various digital strategies that has been the key to their success – paid online advertising, achieving top organic search results for their website, targeted social media promotions and direct email marketing campaigns.

One of the keys to the steady growth of the business over the past few years in particular, was the creation of a full-time Digital Marketing Strategist position. David Simmons was appointed to this role.

David’s experience included having worked in the field of Sales & Marketing for almost twenty years – but for more than ten years he has specialised in online marketing and e-commerce. I had the opportunity of recently interviewing David and asking him about some of the digital marketing strategies that have contributed to the growth of the Into Blinds business. Although David made it clear he wasn’t going to reveal any trade secrets, he certainly shared some sound advice that small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs can benefit from …..
  1. David, tell us a little bit about the various digital marketing strategies that you feel have produced the best results for the IntoBlinds business, in terms of lead generation
Marketing strategies vary dramatically for different industries. The window furnishing industry has appeal to both the domestic and commercial market – therefore Facebook can play its part in our lead generation as the general population typically have an interest in our products and services.

I have found that Google is by far the best way to generate leads and enquiries through its paid advertising (AdWords) program - which is also referred to as "pay per click" advertising. Quite often a small business owner could achieve results with as little as a $20 daily advertising budget. It can be particularly suitable for a start-up business, because consumers are actively searching for products and services through this medium.

My advice to anyone starting a business is that they get familiar with the keywords their potential customers would use when typing their search enquiry into Google. These keywords then become the basis for how they will use Google AdWords. Furthermore, keyword ideas and suggestions can be obtained through Google AdWords itself 
  1. Most small business owners now-days monitor where the website of their business ranks in search engine results for the “key words” they are targeting. What are some of the steps that a business owner can take to help lift the ranking of their website?
My advice to anyone wanting to improve their organic rankings in Google is to follow the advice and use the resources that are available through reputable websites like moz.comand There is also Google’s own site, Webmaster Tools, These sites offer tools that allow you to track various elements of not only your own website’s performance, but just as importantly, the websites of your competition.

Sound decision making in business relies on having good quality data. These sites provide you with both historical as well as real time data that tell you where you rank for your selected keywords, who is linking to your website, what proportion of visitors to your site are coming via desktop or mobile searches, the demographic profile of your visitors – and plenty of other relevant metrics that can help you with your planning.

Initially paying for an Adwords campaign is an early way of grabbing Google’s attention. But thereafter, a business owner should start to examine how to generate free organic traffic, and this is where the science of “Search engine optimisation” comes into play. 

Ensuring that your website has been constructed to be mobile friendly, with good page loading speed, and with the correct metatags in the title and description and also that the on-page elements of your website have been optimised. This includes headings and the correct placement of keywords and their synonyms within the body of each page’s content. 

Online marketing involves understanding and connecting to the needs of two different stakeholders.  Firstly, you have to be aware of what Google is wanting to see in a website and secondly, you have to understand and appeal to the needs and motivations of your website visitors. Quality website content that is displayed in an enticing manner makes it more likely that visitors to your site will remain longer. Once you get these things right then you are well on the road to success.
  1. Generating increased numbers of leads and enquiries is only part of the success equation – the other essential capability is to then convert enquiries into sales. What are some of the mistakes you see some small businesses make in failing to convert leads into sales?
Consumers now-days want an instant response to their questions.
Let’s face it, we live in the digital era where we can and do get the fastest response times in history. The smart phone has increased our expectations to the highest levels. My advice is to reply to an inquiry as fast as humanly possible or your prospective customer will lose trust and faith in your service.
  1. For business owners who are thinking about adding an e-commerce functionality to their website and engaging in on-line sales, what can be some of the issues to consider, drawing upon your experience with IntoBlinds?
Ensuring the effective functionality of the e-commerce platform itself is absolutely crucial.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Imagine spending time researching a product and eventually finding a website that sells it. Then they go through the process of spending more time selecting product type, colour and size, completing the shipping and credit card details - and then find themselves being directed to an error page.(these types of problems are what creates negative customer feedback and reviews) ….. So the key is to keep your shopping cart simple and fast.
  1. What do you see as some of the emerging trends in digital marketing and search engine optimisation? And maybe if you can also comment upon the influence of “customer reviews”.
One of the biggest changes in SEO has been the emphasis that Google places upon signals which measure the “user experience”. What I mean by this is, Google gathers data about how the consumer engages and interacts with your site. They collect data that indicates whether visitors to your site have converted to an email or phone enquiry - or ultimately, a sale.

Google constantly tests and measures this interaction to find the best possible websites to be placed at the top of their search results. Imagine if Google displayed websites that weren’t very appealing or not relevant to your enquiry, then we as consumers wouldn’t trust or use Google anymore.

Consumer reviews are becoming the most important part of your online business. Consumers do their research very quickly and make their decision about who they will purchase from. Feedback from trusted social media forums plays an important role in the decision-making of the majority of today’s consumers. Consider your own experience – if you are planning a holiday, do you refer to sites like TripAdvisor?

I have seen many websites that might achieve a high ranking in Google search results, but if their reviews are terrible, then I know as a consumer myself that I don’t buy. So, including authentic, genuine positive customer reviews in your marketing can help to  "clinch the deal" and make a sale.
  1. Is there any final advice you would offer to small business owners who are usually facing the challenge of how to get the biggest bang from an often limited marketing budget?
This subject can be very lengthy, as different industries require a different approach to marketing. However some general advice would be-
1.   Your Website must reflect clearly your goods or services so consumers don’t have to guess what your message is. This applies to both how your landing page is actually presented and the brief description you use in your description metatag. However the description must be able to grab attention in a compelling way for those using Google search to decide to click on your URL. So pay attention to the description metatag at the "back-end" of your website, because this is the snippet that Google displays in their organic search results.
2.   Contact details should be highlighted and easy to find on your website. Phone number and Email in large font and well positioned at beginning and end of each page.
3.   Images are critical, the latest studies show we can process an image 50,000 times faster than text. Make sure your images are a professional reflection of your products or services.
4.   Do your homework by visiting other websites in your industry. More often than not, the websites listed at the top of Google search results will likely have all the website basics you require for your website.
5.   Start advertising, open a Google AdWords account, do your keyword research, create a campaign and start advertising. In as little as 15 minutes you can find that you have started generating visitors to your website. Even if you are a brand new business consumers will still contact you, if they can find you. However don’t waste your advertising budget making consumers wait – ensure their call or their email enquiry is answered promptly.

A tip for using Google AdWords, try finding keyword phrases with 3 or more keywords, example: you are selling “boots” online, look for specific keywords like “women's boots online” or “women's boots sale” these key phrases usually have a much higher conversion to sale rate. Direct the ad to the page that lists and says those words and boots. Keywords like “boots” are very broad and can drain your advertising budget very fast.  The keyword “Boots” has a search volume of approximately 18,100 per month in Australia where as “women's boots online” has a search volume of 320/month. When consumers use words like “online”, ”sale”, ”cheapest” or “discount” they are closer to buying than consumers who search “boots” and who are more than likely just looking.

I hope these tips help your readers with their online small business ventures. Good luck and be sure to let me know of your success.

Thanks to David Simmons for sharing some practical tips on digital marketing that small business owners can implement. 

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